Hello, back to the Marshall Island stamps tonight. This sheet was issued on July 7th 2011 to commemorate First Flight “Breaking Barriers”. The first stamp on the left commemorates the first flight to land on a ship. remember to double click the image to see full size then back button to return here.

This feat was achieved by Eugene Ely in 1911, (100 year / centennial issue but it still says airmail on the sheet!!) Anyway let’s not be pedantic. Interesting story behind his flying. If you are interested to read more have a look at Eugene Ely

Some trivia: The first fixed wing take off was achieved in 1910 from the deck of the United States Navy vessel, the cruiser USS Birmingham. By 1918, HMS Argus became the world’s first carrier capable of launching and landing naval aircraft. Some 30 years later the first carrier landing and take-off of a jet aircraft was achieved by Eric “Winkle” Brown landing on HMS Ocean in 1945.

Have a great day… Michael