Hello, isn’t it good to know someone is reading my blog 🙂 I got an email from a philatelic colleague, one Adrian Keppler. I always enjoyed his personal blog. He now writes for the STAMP magazine and does a great job there as well. So do have a look at STAMP Magazine but only after you read the rest of this piece. I have added Adrian’s column to my list of favourites to make it easy for you to access his writings.

Adrian writes to tell me there are three sources of the stamp I showed last night. Normal sheet (traditionally gummed), prestige booklet (traditionally gummed), retail booklet (non-soakable self-adhesive gum).

So my copy (and all the rest of them) is from a retail booklet. Above is another from a retail booklet, obviously, since it too is non soakable self-adhesive gum.

Best wishes …Michael

PS Thanks Adrian for adding my blogs to your favourites