Hello, no stamps, sorry just thought you might enjoy these two pictures Interesting 24 hours. another few “firsts” for me. My first flight on a 747 combi. you couldn’t tell any difference to a regular 747 flight except the backwards tilt of the plane with all the cargo pallets weighing it down at the back. no seriously, I am only joking 🙂 then that being my first flight on EVA Air. Very nice I might add. Excellent cabin crew…. in all respects!

Then I guess another first on EVA back tonight from Taipei on an A330- oh dear what was the series of the aircraft? Opportunity for another quiz.

Can you tell me what A330 series it was? I have probably flown on this type before but I don’t remember. Anyway it was the first time I had flown on an EVA aircraft of this series. And again, wonderful cabin crew. The service on a 1 hour 40 minute flight in economy (yes occasionally I do economy!) was excellent.

email me with your answer and mailing address to cddstamps@gmail.com and you could win a Hong Kong 100 years of aviation anniversary miniature sheet.

Back to stamps tomorrow and some more of those Marshall Island issues I start talking about some days back.

Have a great weekend. Oh and if you are interested the meetings

went extremely well I think 🙂