Hi everyone. Well all three of you who I know read this blog. šŸ™‚ I have been admonished, yes told off, for not writing about my flying trip back in, oh dear when was it now… December .. oh dear how time passes the busy man by.

So to rectify that I am showing this cover. Yes produced by me and flown by me – with a little help from a pilot friend who both provided the aircraft and did the hard parts, like the take off and landings!!! Fantastic trip from Sydney’s Bankstown Airport to Temora, then on to Griffith, overnight with the cabin crew (I leave that your imagination) then to Cowra for lunch then back to Bankstown. What a wonderful time and another hour or so to my flying log. I may reach double figures before I die!! Anyway I am also reminded of this trip – apart from being told off for not writing about it and showing you this cover – but because the places we visited were beautiful and serene, and the weather was perfect flying weather. Now, today as I write, these NSW country towns are, in many cases under flood waters and the people are being evacuated from their homes in many instances, so my thoughts go out to all the wonderful people we met and the lovely places we saw, from the air, and of course from our walks around the place.

Hope all is as well as can be and things come back to normal for you all very soon, in Temora, Griffith and Cowra.