Hello, last night or whenever it was I showed an Airbus A380 picture. Sorting through some of my mess today I found this cover. 31 years ago it was issued to commemorate the inaugural Airbus flight from Melbourne to Sydney. This was an A300 and was the first wide bodied jet to fly domestic routes in Australia. On the back of the cover it says “……TAA will be operating three of the giant jets………” I love the use of the word “giant” How times change.

TAA was the first Australian domestic carrier to order wide bodied jets when it signed a $300 million Airbus contract in December 1979.

If you like this cover and would like it in your collection and can tell me the flight number AND aircraft registration I will mail it to you free of charge if you also send me your mailing address – email me at cddstamps@gmail.com

Have a great weekend… Michael