Happy New Year, I am so behind with my writings I know. Sorry. Just so much to do. Missing so much as well. Stamps and aerophilately just not up there as a priority you might say. Although having said that I have made a limited edition cover for the 10th Anniversary of the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association). Interested? write to me at michaelatipda@gmail.com. the cover has a HONG KONG 100th Anniversary miniature sheet of Flight on it and there are a few spare for a donation to the IPDA. IPDA

Anyway, I decided I had to write something today so this is it, plus this cover I hope you like. Interesting I think because it is backstamped “Fiji Overflown” Now if only I had the time to research the flight.

Year of the Dragon awaits us and the Hong Kong stamps are issued in 6 days. I’ll get some and show you.

Happy New Year .. Michael