Some pictures today more than me writing. First, I spent most of the day in the garden cutting grass and tidying up. Exhausting siting on that ride on mower 🙂 hahahah this is what I should have been flying.. well I would have been a passenger but I am sure the pilot would have let me had a drive 🙂 you would have wouldn’t you 🙂 aircraft AOG.. oh well there will be a next time.

The following is a cover I made for my flight from Hong Kong the other day. It was Qantas 91st birthday and the flight deck crew kindly signed the front, and the 4 cabin crew who were wonderful, and looked after me really well, signed the back. I made 6 and thought I would give one as a prize. If you can tell me the aircraft type of the first picture 🙂 and you are the first email with correct answer to me at then I will mail you a copy when I get back to Hong Kong – I will get Hong Kong stamp and franking of the envelope when I return. I will even sign it if you ask.

Have a great weekend…. Michael