Ok, so I have been delinquent in not writing. Sorry but I hope you enjoy this. First, a scan of a presentation pack from ANA for the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. A friend of mine at work somehow got a copy. Very Nice. Second, just to tell you I am on China Southern’s inaugural A380 flight on Tuesday from Beijing to Guangzhou. If you want to pre order a flown First flight Cover just email me before Sunday evening Hong Kong time. Of course of you want a computer generated fake cover I expect you will find one on eBay in the not too distant future. hahahahahahahahah see previous article.

Have a great weekend.. oh yes, and please, if you are thinking of flying Qantas.. think again.. I just booked tickets on Virgin Atlantic. At least I know their unions will not be putting them out of business 🙂 — footnote..and I will get great service by crew that care and can walk down the aisle without a walking frame 🙂 — Will someone speak up and tell these effing brain-dead union idiots they are securing their job insecurity. And when they lose their high paying jobs what will they do then? Oh I know ..blame management hahahahahah