Here is how you can make your own and not pay a penny more than the envelope and the stamp. Of course they will not be flown covers, or First Flight Covers. Or genuine covers, just cinderalla covers, or, as some might put it, just plain computer generated covers.
Step 1: And these steps are not necessarily in the order you chose but I suggest this is probably easiest.
Get a card, or even an envelope, and put it through your computer to create the image. Here is an example.

Step 2: get a stamp from a country you like, any country will do, it does not have to have anything to do with the A380 and stick it on the card or envelope, like this maybe….

Step 3: get a postal frank image created on your computer and send the card or envelope through the printer one or more times… like this

Step 4: List on eBay, Make no claim as to what the cover is or represents, be as blatantly obtuse as possible in the listing title and wait for the bunnies to come and buy it.
Step 5: bank the money and start again at Step 1.
Now don’t just settle for Andorra, try stamps from Malta, or Denmark, or Ireland or Foroyar. Why not? surely easy to make the postal frank and I am sure you have some mint stamps lying around. Ok, so the A380 has never never been to those place. So what? Oh and so what the dates on the frankings are 30-8-11, or 1 Sep 2011, or 31-8-2011 or illegible, surely that adds to the interest even if the card or envelope is about an event on 25-09-2011, makes the card or envelope more intriguing, Really!!! I don’t think so.

Computer generated cards and covers – easy to make your own A380 collectables. Nothing wrong with that is there? Is there? Well you tell me. Your money I guess and it is up to you what you do with it. Have fun bunnies 🙂

And to finish, Another way to make your own A380 covers , but this requires friends in different countries I guess, is to get your friends to send you plain cards or envelopes, and then you run them through your home printer. like this

If however, you do want to collect genuine Flown, Flirst Flight Covers, from inaugural A380 flights, please have a look at CDDSTAMPS A380 First Flight Covers

Best wishes. 🙂 Michael

and a few to show you I am serious