My dear friend Chris from Adelaide sent me this cover. Designed and produced by him and more excitingly for him, he carried this and other covers on this commemorative flight. I do like the name of the company don’t you. Air Nostalgia.

This DC was built in 1945 at the Douglas factory in Oklahoma City. It was originally allocated to the US Army Air Force but quickly made its way to Australia where in April 1945 it was part of the fleet of No 38 Air Squadron in the RAAF. It has had an interesting yet checkered history over the years and for a period looked like being scrapped but fortunately it was restored – a four year project during the late 1990’s – and is now flying scenic charter flights around Melbourne and various winery and wilderness tours in Victoria.

Thanks Chris for sending me this and the other cover for my collection, and well done on making the commemorative flight happen.