Hello. I was sorting through a box of stamps and cards and envelopes today. Just looking to see what I had forgotten about and I came across an envelope of 10 of these miniature sheets ( issued by Singapore Post on the introduction of the worlds’ first commercial flight, the SQ380 from Singapore to Sydney back in 2007.

There was a fair bit in the new a few months ago about this aircraft and I guess it will always be newsworthy even if it is for the negative reasons. Anyway the A380 fleet worldwide is growing and I think there are now 40 aircraft in service operating to 20 destinations worldwide.

To start the new year I’ll give away this M/S.. easy question; How many passengers do you think have already flown in the aircraft? Take a guess? Nothing clever like Pax Rev Miles or KMs, just number of passengers flown. email me at cddstamps.gmail.com and please include your mailing address.

And finally, thanks to all of you who have welcomed me back. It has been so nice to get your emails. Good to be here and I look forward to writing more and showing you more aerophilately related material.