…to you all. Yes it has been 6 months since I last wrote. I do not know where the time has gone, or why I was never motivated to write. Maybe no new material was coming to mind or maybe what I saw was just not worthy of comment. Maybe just got too busy with other things. But I am back, first, to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holiday season (what ever holiday you enjoy) and also, health and prosperity in 2011.

My new years resolution is to write. I will do that. I will make the time.

To finish 2010 – a year where I have done plenty of flying but none related to philately I am sad to say – I thought I’d show 2 of the stamps from the set of 6 from the first new issue of 2011 from Royal Mail.

Images copywrite Royal Mail.

What do you think about these (to be issued on January 11th – commemorating Children’s TV Classics) … surely a must have 🙂 What do you think.???? ….Horrible or Brilliant.

Thanks for coming back to read. Best wishes…… Michael