Hello, A few days ago I said I would show the 2/-3d stamp in the 1964 issue to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the first Australian Airmail flight. here it is. Lovely stamp eh!!! yes same as the 5d I showed but the colour is superb..and this, from my collection, is in MUH and perfect in my view.

I read that the aircraft itself, flown by Maurice Guillaux, is now in the Science Museum in Sydney – I must go and see it. The designer of the stamp was Kevin Mackay who was a key person in the setting up the Philately section of Australia Post in 1960.

And finally, for tonight at least, I finished reading the book, Charles Kingsford Smith and those Magnificant Men, by Peter Fitzsimmons…… (see earlier writings) if you haven’t read it I encourage you to. It is brilliant. I mean really brilliant.

enjoy your flying and aerophilately … Michael