Hello, well as promised some stamps. Hope you like this block. Two stunning stamps in this set. Will show the other tomorrow.

This issued in 1964 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the first airmail flight in Australia.
It shows the Bleriot XI – the first aircraft to cross the English Channel, in 1909, flown by Bleriot- and an aside here.. he is quoted as saying just before he took off.. “by the way, where exactly is Dover?”. This was the type of aircraft flown in 1914 by the Frenchman Maurice Guillaux who carried the first airmail from Melbourne to Sydney, then the longest airmail delivery in the world.

And the answer to my quiz; the error in my blog about the new Australia Stamp issue. I wrote ..” the flights by Harry Houdini, yes the American “escapologist” in 1910 here in NSW at Diggers Rest..” Diggers Rest is in Victoria.. NOT NSW.. That was my (deliberately) error 🙂

Enjoy your flying and your stamps… Michael