Hello, another 40 year old cover tonight, this one flown from Northolt … somewhat nostalgic to me because as a boy I lived a mile or so down the road to the airport, and then in my early career I worked very close by. I have no recollection of the flight on this cover but I do remember one incident when a Pan Am Boeing 707, heading for Heathrow, mistakenly landed at Northolt with 41 passengers on board. Go on ask me how it got out, well from memory I recall the engineers had to strip all weight from the plane and it took off with minimum fuel to get to Heathrow. I was too young to see it but I do recall it making the news! Oh yes, and today 32 Squadron is still based there as far as I know.
One piece of trivia for you….. in 1946 the airfield was loaned for civil use while Heathrow Airport was under construction and by 1952, Northolt was the busiest airfield in Europe, handling an annual total of 50,000 air movements. Hope you enjoy this view as well.

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