Hello, I will be back to aerophilately tomorrow but for now unless I tell you you wont know that I have listed over 50 lots on Stampwants as well as on eBay.. user id at both sites is michaelatcddstamps

Please have a look if you want some bargains or are looking to complete some GB MUH for example. You may find this link works for Stampwants click Michael on Stampwants

or try advanced search and type my user name in select by user field – same applies to eBay for advance search or maybe this link will work Michael on eBay

Prices start from low of US 15c, multiple lost incur no extra postage until my postage cost is greater than the minimum I have to charge, which if you are winning single sets is highly unlikely ever to happen.

Go on, have a browse 🙂 best wishes, and enjoy your stamps ….. Michael