Hello, Hope you enjoy these scans. First a book I got for Christmas. Maybe I will be reading rather than writing over coming weeks 🙂 Anyone read it? I think It will be most enjoyable.
And while on Charles Kingsford Smith I thought I would show you a cover.

Actually a card folded with two overlaps. Very nice in my view. Note the stamps look the same but one is Australia the other is New Zealand. Issued to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the first Tasman crossing from and return to Australia and Yes, the first flight was flown by Charles Kingsford Smith. I am sure I will be reading more about it in the book.

Now I am not giving this away but but thought I’d finish the year with a competition for another cover.. my choice.. maybe surprise you (and it wont be an A380 cover) 3rd correct answer, email me at cddstamps@gmail.com What was the registration of the aircraft that Charles Kingsford Smith flew on that first flight across the Tasman? Anyone know the names of his co-pilots for a bonus? One, a very well known aviator whose son I listened to at a lecture a few months ago.

Look forward to hearing from you… Happy New Year if I forget to write before then 🙂

Best wishes… Michael