Hello, first this cover which I hope you enjoy seeing.
It is not BA 001, but at least a Concorde cover, best I can find. I have others somewhere, where is a good question, they will turn up one day.

Anyway why the BA 001 reference? well BA started a new service from London Airport to New York. I had read about this service but was not aware until today that the srvice would be BA 001………..from the news bulletin ……….. British Airways has launched a new intercity service using two relatively small Airbus A318s to fly its premium passengers direct on the first long-haul flights between London City Airport and New York’s JFK International Airport in super-luxury.

In standard configuration the smallest jet of the Airbus “family” normally carries eight first-class passengers and 99 in economy.

But the British Airways version is configured for an all-business service, with just 32 seats that convert into fully-flat beds, with on-board connectivity provided by an Airbus-SITA joint venture called OnAir, so passengers can work during the flight via e-mail, web surfing and mobile phone text messaging.
To mark the importance of the new route, the mid-day outbound service was given the BA001 designation previously used for transatlantic flights of the supersonic Concorde. The new operations became double-daily this month using both of BA’s A318s and operating under the BA001-004 numbering. Departures from London City are at mid-day and early evening, with return flights leaving John F. Kennedy International in the late evening and late night.

Not quite as fast as Concorde but certainly a pleasant way to travel, and if you take off ( pun, ha ha) the Heathrow hassle probably closer to Concorde timings than one might imagine. I am surprised BA have not promoted that. Or maybe they have?

have a great weekend … Michael