Hello, I just got back from Singapore ( yes again.. gotta love that place eh!!) and was on the A380 with SQ, the 2nd anniversary flight of the very first A380 commercial flight.. which as you may know was Singapore Sydney.

I carried 16 covers, designed by Mark Wright of the UK. Great guy, great designs. Hope you like the design. I do.

6 signed by cabin crew, 1 of which was also signed by the Vice President of Public Affairs who looked after some of us “Firsttofly” flyers so very well while we were in Singapore, and 4 signed by the pilots and 6 unsigned. A few of each are for sale – although only a few left to be honest and I will be loading details on my web site tomorrow. cddstamps.com in case you forgot!! 🙂 Covers stamped 25th Singapore and on arrival in Sydney today 26th Oct. all done by me 🙂 Same as two years ago. Will be adding some great pictures to the web site.. do have a look if only to enjoy what I enjoyed 🙂

and………. dare I say this…….. I just have to 🙂 I cannot help myself 🙂 ….. these are real flown covers.. really flown on the flight … with photographic proof and signatures …..not some made up envelopes or cards which have absolutely nothing to do with the A380 other than some fraudster with a frank mark that has the A380 image / letters / numbers on it, has stamped it on some envelopes from a country (or many) that will never see an A380 except from 39000 feet …. .. or even worse a supposedly B777 flight cover with the A380 logo on the cover……… and if you are the person that bought all this crap on eBay.. I feel for you I really do… I hope you know what you wasted your money on… and now know what you could have bought and at much cheaper price in total.. 🙂 aaaaarrrrrrgghhhhhh…………. I feel so much better 🙂 Michael