Hello everyone, On September 13th 1965, Royal Mail issued a set of stamps to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Britain. This air fight between England and Germany is generally regarded as lasting from July to October 1940.
I am interested in the stamps and the aircraft (as you may recall from me seeing the Spitfire fly at Temora only a few months ago) but history is history and the aircraft and pilots are still remembered to this day and so I thought it timely to show this block of 6 from the 1965 issue.

It is 60 years on now, and I am wondering if Royal mail is issuing another commemorative set. I need to check. Today as I write is 15th September and from my reading I found this ……………. “On 15 September two massive waves of German attacks were decisively repulsed by the RAF, with every single aircraft of 11 Group being used on that day. The total casualties on this critical day were 60 German and 26 RAF aircraft shot down. The German defeat caused Hitler to order, two days later, the postponement of preparations for the invasion of Britain.” So today is an anniversary day in its own right. It you want to read more on the aircraft and the battles and the history of this time have a look at Battle of Britain

Best wishes .. Michael