Hi, first, sorry I am not writing much these days. Am out of town Monday through Friday and work takes up most of my time. Very enjoyable work though. and the flight is 40 minutes..no more of those 10 1/2 flights 🙂

Saw this on Gibralter stamps bulletin and thought I would share with you.


An Air Letter or Aerogramme is made from thin paper and it made to be folded into an envelope. It has gummed edges to facilitate this. It acts as a letter and an envelope at the same time with a postage stamp printed on its cover.
The first aerogramme was issued in 1933 by Iraq and became popular during World War II when Lieutenant Colonel R. E. Evans, Royal Engineers, Assistant Director Army Postal Service Middle East Force (MEF), proposed that a lightweight self-sealing letter card that weighed only 1/10 oz be adopted by the British Army for air mail use.
Gibraltar has ceased to issue Aerogrammes for the forseeable future so these examples will surely be an asset in any Gibraltar collection.

Best wishes.. Michael