Hello, 7 days since I last wrote……. I am sorry, time flies, and so do these aircraft 🙂 Hope you have a few minutes to look at this video. The Paris Air Show was this week as you may know. Amazing to watch – including a Typhoon, A380, F18 Hornet and if your stomach doesn’t turn just watching it you are not normal 🙂 a F16 Falcon, a C130 Hercules, some light aircraft and a Lockheed Constallation and if that doesn’t bring shivers and nostalgia you are also not normal 🙂 Enjoy and click the back arrow button to eturn to this blog please Paris Air Show
As for stamps I found this on a letter I got this week so thought I would show it. It has a Paris element to it. france-isreal
I am looking for my next aerophilately idea. Any suggestions? Do write as I always enjoy getting your emails. Sorry if I don’t reply to all straightaway. I do get a lot of email.
I also think you might like to know the prize winner to my Kingsford Smith questions. The winner is… Keijo.. ( please send me an email to cddstamps@gmail.com with your address) The answers are…… the flight took 83 hours and 38 minutes departing Oakland California and in an open cockpit aircraft. As many of you correctly said it was a Fokker FVIIb-3m (NC1985) and some even added that the distance flown was 7388 miles via Hawaii landing at Eagle Farm Brisbane on the 9th June 1928. Amazing achievement I think you will agree, and it was just over 81 years ago.
Have a great weekend……………. Michael