germany-a380-with-berlin-frHello everyone. First let me say one enormous thank you to one of my readers.. you know who you are. What a brilliant surprise when I opened my PO Box today. Here is just one of the many stamps that were on the parcel received. This is the A380, of course you knew that, But the postmark is significant, it celebrates the Berlin Blockade. A very special postmark which I am very fortunate to have on each of the four stamps in this issue. I will be showing other related stamps to you all over next few days I am sure. And, I am sure will enjoy it.
Yes it makes me feel good to know there are such wonderful people out there in the world. Thank you, K

But then again I was looking at eBay again…… and saw this..
qf-16-jan-16-janand someone has actually bid on this. Now I could be mistaken, as it could be a real find.. but then how do you get a postmark in Sydney on 16th January and then again on 16th January in London,????? pretty hard for me to work out, especially when the aircraft this cover supposedly represents – but I am pretty sure was NOT flown on – I was there folks – did not arrive in London until 17th January. Need I say more… ok I will .. and the postage on the Sydney franking is not sufficient for international postage so the post office at the airport would not have allowed this franking… πŸ™‚ and someone has bid on this. Do they know what they are buying?

I am thrilled by the wonderful people out there, yet so many times and times again let down by the ways of others.

If only more people would read my blogs. I dream eh! πŸ™‚
but who am I to decide. Yes you are right, it is not for me to decide.

Enjoy your stamps, and the genuine people and material your find along the way. …………. Michael