Hello, just thought you might like to know the IPDA (Internet Philatelic Dealers Association) is having a marathon chat….. starting in a few hours…… going on for 24 hours… if you want to miss me don’t join between 11pm and 1pm Sydney time šŸ™‚

how do you join.. just click this link IPDA Chat

Easy as… just sign in…… accept some message about Run something….. it is quite safe….. and you should find one of the IPDA directors and probably many others chatting about stamps and philatelic matters, or even life in general. Who knows šŸ™‚

Sorry no stamps tonight I need some time to write the material re Comores (a country with no postal service that issues stamps….. derrgghh!!!) and I have some excellent material to share with you over the coming days courtesy of a wonderful reader in Germany. But, I’ve been busy with work again, and getting ready for a dressage competition tomorrow. Sadly am not riding in this one but am official scorer. Any bets on my laptop battery goes flat on me šŸ™‚ ……. I digress…..

Want to chat with me, talk about aviation and aerophilately maybe
šŸ™‚ maybe see you online later tonight…

Enjoy your stamps… Best wishes .. Michael