Hello, Thought I’d show this cover. Once upon a time it would have been nice and collectable. The rust has accumulated over the years because it was not properly stored, or was exposed to too much dampness. I picked this up in an auction lot many years ago. Need to sort now so the rust doesn’t spread to other covers as I am told it can do. I have read you can clean rust but I havn’t tried it. Anyone done that?

Just for any new comers, Rust is one of the terms for brown spots on stamps, or in this case both stamp and cover. Rust is caused because the stamp has been moist for too long or there has not been enough light in the place the stamp has been stored. It is a good idea to open the album and look through it occassionally. This actually lets light on the stamps and lets air pass through the pages. Rust is also known as foxing.

Would have been a nice cover as I say. And I have a few of them it turns out. Oh well, just a reminder to look after our material.