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Hello, hope you having a good weekend. I am exhausted :-)  been working stamps all day. Finally got my Bidstart Store     listing replenished. Back up to over 8800 finally. Great to sell but I do like to offer  a good selection and with the 600 I’ve sold over the past month that has been difficult. Great to know collectors are enjoying my listings, choice of stamps, quality I hope, and of course affordable prices to help you fill some gaps in your collection. Also it helps me fill some gaps in mine.

Now it is Easter in a week and I thought why not have an Easter competition. Prize will be the set above.

Easy to win, just email me at and please include your mailing address, and I will randomly select a winner from the responses I receive. Quiz entries must be received by Wednesday evening 21:00 Hong Kong time. I will mail on Thursday to get into the mail before the Easter break as I am flying back to Australia for Easter.

Quiz question:  What was the flight number of the planned scheduled first arrival flight into  Chek Lap Kok.

Have a great weekend, oh and of course you realise the stamps are the issue commemorating the inauguration of the new Hong Kong International  Airport,  Chek Lap Kok in 1998;  SG 924 – 929 with a SG cat of £3.00;  I picked these up in a box lot at the stamp arcade here. Obviously someone had taken them off a FDC.

Best Wishes



Hello, well it is Friday here in Hong Kong and time for some stamps.  So relaxing  and what a great way to unwind from the week.  Found this cover I thought some of you might like to see. I know I usually show GB, or US  or Commonwealth covers and stamps but perhaps that is becoming too boring for you.

So something different from my collection. Not that I can tell you anything about this cover, except the date 1943. Interesting date eh!!!   I am so ignorant in this area. However I would like to learn and so here it is. For a reader  to write to me and tell me about it perhaps.????

I look forward to hearing from you…. email me at and I will share with other readers when I write again.

oh!! and here is the reverse of the cover.


Have a great weekend.. Michael





Hi again, last night I showed one of the two stamps issued in 1999 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Portugal to Macau flight by Captain Sarmento de Beires and Commander Brito Pais in 1924.   This is the other stamp in the set.  It shows a de Havilland DH.9A Patria II, the aircraft they continued their flight to Macau.
Oh, and since it has been raining here all day I have sorted more stamps and listed more in my Bidstart store, including some lovely Hong Kong Aviation stamps from 1984. Just search “Aviation” here  
 Hope you have a great weekend…. Michael


Hi, well a lovely day here, and I had time for sorting stamps and a visit to the Stamp Arcade in Mong Kok. A very enjoyable day.  I found this lovely corner block in one of the dealers stock books.
Issued in 1999 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of the Portugal to Macau flight by Captain Sarmento de Beires and Commander Brito Pais in 1924.   They departed Lisbon eastbound in the Breguet 16.Bn2 Patria, shown on the stamps, beginning an attempt to fly around the world but crashed in India and continued in a de Havilland DH.9A Patria II before being forced to end their attempt in June in Macau. 
Tomorrow I will show the other stamp from the issue that shows the de Havilland DH9.

Have a great weekend…. Michael



Hello, wet and windy weekend here in Hong Kong so time to write and do some stamps. I just finished writing the IPDA April Newsletter – If you are a seller and would like to find out more about us I will send you a copy of the Newsletter if you email me at

For those collectors who are looking to fill a few gaps in your collection, especially Hong Kong Commemoratives like the one above I hope you have time to visit my Bidstart Store. Have a look at to see the countries I stock in my Store.

The stamp above as I expect you know is from the 1984 Aviation  issue. SG 453 and with a 2013 SG Stamps of the World catalogue value of £11.00. It is in VFU condition and just one of many 100′s of Hong Kong commemoratives I  have for sale in my Store.

Apart from the fact I am a Director of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association, if references further help establish credibility I have had nearly 800 sales in the past three months. Get me over the 1000 mark by the end of March eh!!!! and fill some of those gaps in your collection. I will be listing more this weekend if it doesn’t stop raining.  Oh yes,  I should tell you  it is easy to find what you are looking for, just type the SG number into the Search Store For field. easy as!!

have a great weekend.. best wishes… Michael

Hi, I thought today I would tell you about the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association. A global “non profit” association of stamps dealers. All of our members are respected Internet Philatelic Traders, you can deal with them with confidence. You can see a list of members, and read more about us on our web site at


If you are an Internet philatelic dealer, or sell stamps via an online auction why not become a member? 


On the IPDA home page you will see some useful material about the benefits of joining the IPDA and a comparison of the benefits and features of the IPDA compared to other dealers associations. 


We have a membership drive on at the moment as we would like to grow our numbers and have a greater presence for the benefit of those collectors who buy online.


The many auction sites one finds on the internet these days make it easy for anyone to sell anything and stamps are just one item that we see many, shall I say less than qualified, people selling. 


By joining the IPDA – assuming your qualify and get accepted – you can perhaps add a bit of credibility to your name. 


There are so many, what I might call mom and pop, sellers who really have little to no idea about stamp quality, stamp values or stamp prices that the uninformed collector can quite easily be buying something that is not what it is advertised as, of poor quality, or worse still, fraudulent. 


If you sell stamps in some capacity, preferably not the mom and pop seller (sorry folks) please have a look at our web site at You can quickly fill out the online application form, and, by all means mention my name.

I think we have lots to offer, including, if I do say so myself because I write it, the monthly Newsletter.


Best wishes  


Director IPDA and Newsletter Editor



Hi, I am so sorry for not writing much these days. rather busy. Wish I had more time to devote to stamps, and aerophilately.  Hope you like this cover. One of my readers just won this from my recent quiz.  Thanks Captain, you cost me again heheheheheh   You will see why the winner will be happy when you check out the catalogue value.

If you missed out then why not have a look at my Bidstart Store listings here    Yes I have to sell a few to cover some costs :-)

To help promote myself I just had an order for 96 stamps so I must be doing something right :-)    why not have a look at to see if I stock the country you collect. You may be able to fill a few gaps in your collection at a very good price. And, I think my quality is very good.

Anyway. Have a great weekend.,…   seems early to say that  but I am flying again tomorrow and for next 5 days so wont be back until next week.

Best wishes  and thanks in advance for looking at my Store










Hello,  well it is Friday, finally,  and I am able to make some time to write the blog. Apart from the piece last week – which by the way no one wrote to me about – was it that hard a question? – I have had no time for stamps in the past few weeks


 So here is another cover I hope you enjoy from New Zealand. This was flown by NZNAC on 3rd February 1958 on the first flight from Christchurch to  Auckland on board ZK-BRD a Vickers Viscount named the City of Wellington.   This is a lovely cover with no staining as is often found on these.


I saw this and started reminiscing about be my work many years ago now when I worked with this aircraft  – and as I still think of it, as a wonderful little aircraft. Not so small then of course.  I have flown these many many times, too many to even admit to :-)  and would love to re-live that one day if it is at all possible.


Anyway, less of my ramblings, if airmail of New Zealand interests you I recommend looking at .. A very interesting and informative site


Have a great weekend





Hi, another cover tonight  which I hope you will enjoy seeing. And a prize of a few Hong Kong aviation stamps if you can answer these three questions. My friend, the Captain, used to fly a shuttle service across Cook Strait in New Zealand when he first started flying. He said that this stretch of water could be one of the roughest and most turbulent areas he has flown in.

Wellington airport, being a short runway and surrounded by hills, could also throw up a challenge as well, because of the winds that would buffet the airport at times. He has come up with the questions for the quiz:

1. What was the name of the Airline that ran a regular freighter service  between Blenheim and Wellington up to the early 1980′s?

2. What did the initials stand for?

3. What type of aircraft did they use?

Ok there is a challenge. just reply  with answers to, and please include your mailing address. I will send a set of the 1984 Aviation in Hong Kong stamps –  high catalogue value I might add – to the first correct entry.

And please, don’t forget to visit my Bidstart sales at to fill a few gaps in your collection











Been a while since I wrote. Too busy with travel and work etc but hope you enjoy this cover. Picked it up today in the Mong Kok stamp arcade here in Hong Kong.  –   Wonderful place and so much to enjoy, so many stamp shops.–  issued in July 1998 to commemorate the opening of Chek Lap kok ( lovely airport I might add)   I am offering this as a prize to the first correct email to me at  and you must include your mailing address of course…..    if you get the correct answer to this question………  how many aircraft are there depicted on this cover  will publish  answer in a  few days..



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