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Hello, time for some aviation stamps again I think. How about these three. Lovely stamps in  my view. Not only because of the shape and interesting plane but .also the stunning colours.

These were issued in 1937 by Costa Rica and they are as fresh now, Mint Unhinged, as the day they were issued.  Amazing they only have a catalogue value of GBP 0.40p each

They show a Ryan B-5 Brougham aircraft. which was a small single-engine plane produced in the United States in the late 1920s and early 1930s.  It had a fully enclosed cabin for the pilot and four passengers.

I will be flying in an Airbus A380 in a few days. Bit of a difference: some  trivia, the Broughan empty weight was 1870 lbs, the A380 is 610,000. Awesome when you think about it.

Best wishes.. Michael


Hello, Sunday evening here, a very hot day so did go not out but stayed indoors working with my stamps.

This weekend I loaded even more GB Commemoratives (mostly new listings and higher values) nice selection of Fiji from 1960 to 1970 and Southern Rhodesia. If you do not want to buy a set when you only have the odd stamp missing from your collection why not visit and see if I have the one stamp you are looking for. Or more than one of course !

I think my prices are competitive and the quality is well described. The stamp above, SG 340 , Mint Light Hinge, is just one example I hope you enjoy seeing.

Best wishes… Michael



Hello, I have argued with myself about writing this but decided I should. Seems only right that readers know the situation. The card  above, yes a simple piece of card. was found by me recently on a dealers stall. In fact a few of them, few being about 15. I bought some stamps for the dealer and he gave me 4 of these for free. I asked him where he got them but he could not remember. Interesting as these, many like this one with various Japan stamps, are being sold on eBay for some 9 or there about euros. 

They are not described in the eBay listing – these, and for other A380 first flights, are never described I might add – it is left to the viewer / potential buyer to decide what they are. They appear to be First Flight, but of course they are not in my view. They cannot be. I was on the flight and I knew the Cabin Crew and I was the only person carrying First Flight Covers.

Buyer beware. What more can I say. 

Enjoy your stamps and please try to buy from an accredited seller and one who provides a full description of the item with some degree of provenance.  Tomorrow I will show a genuine First Flight Cover from the Korean Air A380 inaugurals. The first correct email, to,  pointing out a postal difference will receive this card above for free. 




Hi, sometime you find a cover you just love, and this is one of them. Although from 1996 it is in brilliant condition. 

Hope you enjoy seeing this as much I do.

Best wishes… Michael


korean-reverse korean-a380

Hello, I came across this “card” ( yes it is nothing more than a card, as in postcard and not a special card at that!!) the other day.In a dealers stock. He had no idea what it was. Sad but true. I don’t blame the dealer though. The above is free as a gift to one of my readers. First to write to me to tell me it is a fraud :-) Please do not waste your money buying these on eBay. Print them from your own computer..Much cheaper for you.

I flew the inaugural Korean Air A380 flights yet I still see these. It annoys me no end. If you want a  genuine First Flight Cover then email me An example of one of my flown flight covers,  signed by one of the Cabin Crew, is below. Yes I used the wrong boarding pass.. I actually flew all three inaugurals that day.  Busy day, and I send photos with my covers. 

PS check the postal frankings!!!.. I personally franked the envelope at the Japan Post Office in Narita airport so I know they are genuine.

Enjoy your aerophilately, 


korean-a380-reverse korean-air-a380-cddstamps-front






Hello, it has been a while since I wrote. Sorry about that. Been so busy with work and the website and my Bidstart Store.

This postcard I received, and with a lovely picture. So to welcome you all back a prize. I’ll find something aerophilatelic – a flight cover from my stock.

So what is the aircraft? … oh that is too easy, lets add a part II to the quiz. I also need to to know how many of these aircraft are still operational?

email me your answers to and I will randomly select a winner.

Enjoy your aerophilately.


And to fill a few gaps in your stamp collection please visit <a href="; title="here“>


Hi, back again in Hong Kong and looking at some more stamps for relaxation.

Hope you like this. Not commonly found maybe? and something for your aviation collection with a difference perhaps.

Where will you find this and others to add to your collection? yes, that’s right Here

Enjoy adding to your collection and filling some more difficult gaps perhaps. I just noticed I have over 4000 GB listed from the over 10,000 items I now have in stock. For all Commonwealth countries I have stock for please look <a href="; title="here“>

Best wishes… Michael



Hi, weekend here and am finally getting around to writing. Been rather busy, sorting and cataloguing and scanning stamps and loading to my Bidstart Store, where I have finally achieved a very rewarding milestone of 10,000 listings. It is made all the harder by the fact people obviously like my material and keep buying so I have to work even harder to keep ahead, but that is good news eh!!

Hope you like this cover. It will be free to whoever buys from my Bidstart store and gets my stock back under 10,000 listings.

Or, if you prefer, just email me for details and it can be yours for US $25 including postage and packing. It comes with certificate of Authenticity, photos from the flight including me with the crew and the cover, including a picture of my boarding card. Genuine flown cover from the inaugural commercial Asiana A380 flight. And, I might add, the only genuine flown covers are from cddstamps!

Have a great weekend Michael
Visit my <a href="; title="Store“> and see the selected countries I stock, Type Aviation in the search For field and see all my aviation related material.


Hello, I hope you like this cover tonight. I received this today. A lovely surprise. Issued in 1978 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight. It only has two of the five stamps issued in the set but still a nice cover. As it says on the reverse the design is “an original work of art” A beautiful cover, the embossing does not come across in the image, but hope you like seeing it all the same. The reverse is below.

Enjoy your aerophailately.



click image to enlarge
Hello, Hope you like the Miniature sheet. Issued in 2011. Seems like only yesterday to me. Anyway today I found 4 I didn’t know I had left. I will use these on postage for the next 4 orders from my Bidstart store. I assume you find this a collectible, and to ensure you are happy with it I will get the MS handfranked for you.

The Bidstart Store has over 9000 lots listed, many aviation related I might add. You can find the Store here You can chose the country from that link, or just go into the Store and in the “Search Store for” field type, aviation, or Machin, or whatever it is you want to search for. I hope you can fill a few gaps in your collection. Three customers did today, and FYI the average from over 100 sales was US $0.40c a stamps. So excellent value as I try to keep prices between 10 and 35% of catalogue.

Whatever you do in a philatelic sense please enjoy your stamps

Best wishes.. Michael


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