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Hi, weekend here and am finally getting around to writing. Been rather busy, sorting and cataloguing and scanning stamps and loading to my Bidstart Store, where I have finally achieved a very rewarding milestone of 10,000 listings. It is made all the harder by the fact people obviously like my material and keep buying so I have to work even harder to keep ahead, but that is good news eh!!

Hope you like this cover. It will be free to whoever buys from my Bidstart store and gets my stock back under 10,000 listings.

Or, if you prefer, just email me for details and it can be yours for US $25 including postage and packing. It comes with certificate of Authenticity, photos from the flight including me with the crew and the cover, including a picture of my boarding card. Genuine flown cover from the inaugural commercial Asiana A380 flight. And, I might add, the only genuine flown covers are from cddstamps!

Have a great weekend Michael
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Hello, I hope you like this cover tonight. I received this today. A lovely surprise. Issued in 1978 to commemorate the 75th Anniversary of Powered Flight. It only has two of the five stamps issued in the set but still a nice cover. As it says on the reverse the design is “an original work of art” A beautiful cover, the embossing does not come across in the image, but hope you like seeing it all the same. The reverse is below.

Enjoy your aerophailately.



click image to enlarge
Hello, Hope you like the Miniature sheet. Issued in 2011. Seems like only yesterday to me. Anyway today I found 4 I didn’t know I had left. I will use these on postage for the next 4 orders from my Bidstart store. I assume you find this a collectible, and to ensure you are happy with it I will get the MS handfranked for you.

The Bidstart Store has over 9000 lots listed, many aviation related I might add. You can find the Store here You can chose the country from that link, or just go into the Store and in the “Search Store for” field type, aviation, or Machin, or whatever it is you want to search for. I hope you can fill a few gaps in your collection. Three customers did today, and FYI the average from over 100 sales was US $0.40c a stamps. So excellent value as I try to keep prices between 10 and 35% of catalogue.

Whatever you do in a philatelic sense please enjoy your stamps

Best wishes.. Michael



Australia Post’s latest stamp issue on July 1st commemorates the centenary of Australia’s first domestic air mail flight.

The commencement of domestic air mail was an aviation milestone and one that  highlighted the vital role air mail had played to help keep people and communities connected.

 2014 marks 100 years since French aviator Maurice Guillaux (1883-1917) made the first air mail flight in Australia. Guillaux left Melbourne on 16 July and arrived in Sydney on 18 July 1914. The flying time was just 9¼ hours, with seven stops en route. On his arrival, Guillaux was welcomed by Governor-General Sir Ronald Munro Ferguson.

 The Australia Post first domestic air mail flight stamp issue comprises one domestic base-rate stamp (70c) and one international-rate stamp ($2.60). The prestige booklet accompanying the stamp issue covers the history of Australia’s air mail service.

 This collectible product includes blocks of stamps exclusive to this product as well as the new commemorative air mail stickers.

The 100th Anniversary of First Air Mail stamp issue is available from 1 July 2014 at participating Australia Post retail outlets.

As you may know from a previous blog I wrote the Aviation Historical Society of Australia (NSW) inc Airmail Centenary Commemoration Group is staging a re-enactment of the flight. If you are in Sydney there is a special event to launch of the Guillaux commemorative stamps at the Australian Aviation Museum,  Starkie Drive, Bankstown Airport, 5pm-7pm on Wednesday, 2 July, 2014 . All sorts of excellent information about the flight and event at Sadly I will not be able to be there.

Enjoy if you do go.  Best wishes… Michael



Hello, a change of pace tonight. No A380 just a bit about the Airmail Centenary Commemoration Group and the re-enactment of the 1914 flight by Maurice Guillaux from Melbourne to Sydney, Australia in his Jabiry aircraft. A 2 day flight. Yes two days. 

Some background for you.

On July 16, 1914, French aviator Maurice Guillaux took off from Flemington racecourse, Melbourne, carrying Australia’s first air mail (1785 specially printed postcards) and the first air freight (Liptons Tea and O.T. lemon juice), and on 18 July, 2 days 5 hours and 33 minutes later landed at Moore Park, Sydney.

He stopped on the first day at Seymour, Wangaratta, Albury, Wagga Wagga and Harden, being greeted by huge crowds of excited spectators. After being delayed a day in Harden by bad weather, he flew on to Goulburn, then landed in a paddock behind the main street of Liverpool before landing triumphantly in Moore Park in front of a huge crowd.

At the time, this was the longest such flight anywhere in the world.

The Aviation Society of Australia (NSW) is organising a re-enactment flight, which will take place on Saturday July 12, Sunday July 13, and Monday July 14.

The aim is to follow the basic path used by Guillaux, and it is hoped that at each stop there may be special aviation-related activities.

In the original flight, the local government authorities greeted him and official letters were received and sent to various destinations.

The principal mail-carrying re-enactment aircraft will be an Australian-designed and Australian-built Jabiru, which is of similar size and weight to the Bleriot, but of course is a far more robust and speedy aircraft.

The Jabiru will be accompanied by a de Havilland Caribou, supplied by the Historical Aircraft Restoration Society, and other escort aircraft which can assist with the mail carrying where necessary.

Shell Australia, which supplied fuel to Guillaux in 1914, has agreed to sponsor the Jabiru, its support vehicle, and the Caribou.

Sadly I will not be in Sydney that weekend but I will be following the event for sure.

More details can be found at and for all the aerophilatestists, there will be commemorative Australia Post stamp packages I believe. 





Best wishes.. Michael




Hello, just one more cover as I think this one is quite special. Signed by both Captains from the Seoul to Hong Kong Asiana A380 inaugural. And a couple of extra pictures you may enjoy. scroll down to see. Interesting that Asian only had a two pilots on the flight deck for the flight I thought. One an Asiana Captain and the other an Airbus Captain. 

My covers, as you must know by now, are limited in number (as you can see by the reverse image)  and I honestly have sold a few already. So if aerophilately and First Flight Covers interest you these are pretty special. Obviously flown – not like some you will see on eBay I have to say – All orders come with pictures of the crew and plane and my boarding passes and a certificate of authenticity.

This is one I have for sale. In fact the only one for sale, signed by both pilots, as one is now in my collection and the other is in the collection of a very good friend of mine. email me for details of this one if you are interested.

Or, You can get an unsigned cover for USD $25, postage and packing included, or USD $45 for a cover signed by one of the Cabin Crew. well until I have none left for sale!

Or, just enjoy the pictures :-)  

Best wishes.. Michael







Hello, well finally alone, had a mate staying this weekend and now making time to show this First Flight Cover and a picture.  I hope you enjoy these.

Wonderful flights. If you want to buy I am taking orders. Write me for details at Have not had time yet to list through my website, but will do soon. The only genuine flown covers for this Asiana A380 inaugural. As you can see, very limited number made, and even less signed by the crew. All orders will come with Certificate of being flown, signed by me, with some details, plus Photos of the crew signing.

Best wishes.. Michael






Hello again, really not spending any time with stamps these days but thought I would show this tonight. Just one of the stamps on this cover is aviation related but a nice image. Certainly from way back. Issued in 1997 this set from China commemorates the reunification of Hong Kong with China through a reunification walk. For which the cover was issued. This cover was given to all who completed the walk. The images on the stamps depict the major construction projects as they were seen then, as symbolizing the economic success of Hong Kong.

Hope you enjoyed seeing this one. Click image to enlarge.




Hello, I randomly picked a cover from a stack I have here and this was the one. Travel. How appropriate, although I do not know the aircraft type :-)

Issued in 1978 as part of the Inuit series, the second issue in fact. I was quite surprised to see the catalogue value of these. Issued over 35 years ago and they only have a value “Used” of 40p per stamp (GBP). MUH are catalogued at 30p per stamp. Wow! better off using as postage eh!

But how often do I say there is no value on old Mint stamps unless for postage.

Anyway, nice to have a copy on the cover with the commemorative post mark.

Enjoy your stamps..

Best wishes.. Michael




Hello, I was tidying up today and found this, actually two of them. No idea what they are or why they were made. Both unopened so I am not even reading whatever is inside. Looks like some advertising letter. Stamp not brilliant as too close to the edge of the letter.  Anyway, I thought maybe someone would like one. If you do, first two emails get them. Just include your postal address please. 

Enjoy your stamps and don’t forget my Bidstart Store where you can fill those gaps in your collection at very affordable prices.



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